St. Antony's Shrine Koratty

St. Antony's Shrine Koratty

       St. Antony’s Shrine situated in Koratty, Thrissur, Kerala is a pilgrim centre well known for the miraculous intercession of St. Antony where people from all walks of life steps in to pray and receive blessings. The Shrine referred as the ‘PADUA OF KORATTY’ belongs to the Archdiocese of Verapoly and is under the pastoral and administrative care of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Verapoly, His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr.Joseph Kalathiparambil. The Shrine parallel to the national highway 544 at Koratty was the fore vision of Venerable Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Attipetty back in 1960’s and was established in 1974, during the time of Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kelantharain dedication to Immaculate Mary and was given the name “Immaculate Conception Church”. After two years, in December 1977 novena to St. Antony on every Tuesdays with a special reverence began here. The Initial stage of the Novena began with modest facilities in the leadership of Rev. Fr. Jacob Arackal, which later sprouted and became a source of blessings to the people of various religions.

       ‘Prayers with faith are never left unheard’, through the experience of many devotees this truth is proven through the enormous number of notes of gratitude that is received at the shrine daily. St. Antony, the miracle worker and the one who provides blessings, has a prominent place among the saints. All the people who seek the intercession of the saint approves this fact. St Antony is beloved for all people.

      “Novenapalli” (Novena Church) the name by which St. Antony’s Shrine, Koratty is known for is established in the name of Immaculate Mary (Immaculate Conception Church). Therefore, seeking veneration of Immaculate Mary and St. Antony is one of the peculiarities found only at this Shrine. Thus, the Novena prayers were revised in course of time including the prayers for Immaculate Mary and was published during the blessing of the Renovated Church in 29th November, 2009. The blessings and grace of both Mother Mary and St. Antony showers upon everyone who comes to this pilgrimage centre. May the everlasting prayers of St. Antony and Immaculate Mother help the Devotees to know and love Jesus more.


Milestones during the years…
1974 : Establishment of the Shrine by the name “Immaculate Conception Church”.
1977 : The Holy Relic of St. Antony was brought from Padua, Italy and Novena prayer dedicated to St. Antony began with the blessing of then Archbishop of Verapoly, His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kelanthara.
2009 : Blessing of the Renovated Church & the Blessing of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel by then administrator of the Archdiocese of Verapoly, His Excellency Dr. Joseph Karikkassery. Archbishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel Acharuparambil (The ‘God sent person’ behind this mission.)
2020 : Began the Feast of the Holy Tongue of St. Antony (“AZHUKAATHA NAAVINTE THIRUNAL”). The Holy Relic of the Untiring Tongue of St. Antony brought from the Basilica of St. Antony, Padua, Italy was received and established at the Koratty Shrine for Veneration in the presence of more than 1,00,000 (one lakh) believers.