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Rice Offering (1 Novena)

Rs: 5000
Rice Offering (1 Novena)
അരി നേർച്ച

“NERCHA KANJI” is one among the most important offering of this famous pilgrim centre. The “NERCHA KANJI” (Blessed Gruel) is made of the rice offered by the believers and is served from 7:30 AM TO 2:30 PM. Believers offer the rice for “NERCHA KANJI” to fulfil their intentions from God through the intercession of St. Antony.

The Rice offering for “NERCHA KANJI” is based on a miracle that happened in the lifetime of St. Antony. A happy father, whose child was saved by the miraculous intervention of St. Antony, promised to give bread for the believers as a token of gratitude. The offering became rice in the Kerala situation. Believers offer this ‘Nercha’ both as an intention to receive blessing and as a token of gratitude for the blessings received. Some people bring it here as rice, and those who cannot do it, pay the amount of rice that they wish to offer.  This rice is offered to pilgrims every Tuesday from 7:30 AM TO 2:30 PM.