Thanks Giving


Praise be to God Jesus Christ and Holy father. !Thanks to our Mother Mary, St. Antony and St. Joseph. My prayers were answered!!! Dear Father, I am writing a Thanksgiving testimonial for all the blessings received through the prayers submitted at your shrine. My name is Rofin and I live in the US. I accidentally came across this shrine on YouTube and started watching daily mass, novena, adoration and prayers from May 2020. Also I attended as “PRESUDHENTHI” during Feast of the Holy Tongue and OOTTUNERCHA THIRUNAL. My special intentions was as below. I submitted a prayer  for a friend of mine who was having a urinary infection. On the day prayer was submitted to The Church results came negative. Thanks be to lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St. Antony and St. Joseph. My brother's blood platelet count suddenly went beyond the limit due to some fungus infection in stomach.  Submitted this prayer during all novenas and he was taking medications also for this. After a month results came positive and palette count became normal and fungus infections were gone completely. Thanks be to Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St. Antony and St. Joseph. Another request was for my work petition extension which i was praying for the results to come before 30-June-21. I submitted the application in February, there was some delay from the attorney and there was much confusion during the process. After submission of documents on May 10th, i was waiting to check status after 45 days as normally the first response will take 45 days to update. On June 17th while i was attending the mass online, suddenly i felt like my status was approved and i was not checking it before. so i checked and was approved and was  shocked to see my case was approved on that day only. it was a miracle for me and June 28th itself I got all my approval notices and the confusions at work place got resolved.

During lock down, attending everyday mass and prayers gave me strength, blessing, removed the fear and anxiety and I used to look forward every day to hear the word of God. I pray everyone seeking intercession of St. Antony, St. Joseph and Mother Mary for their needs get answered and experience the love of God. May God bless you and all those you love.


Thank You again Lord Jesus and the holy father and all those who pray for us. Please keep protecting our Family God and Jesus we need you! I ask for this all through your son Jesus’ name amen.

Please have our heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings and graces received through your intercession by all of us.

My special thanks to the church, Vicar and asst Vicars.  On my next vacation I personally want to visit the church to say thanks and gratitude. 


Personal note: For Thanksgiving, I would like to donate 10% of a month's salary for helping the homeless. Want to continue this in future as well


With Love