Thanks Giving


Thank you so much Mother Mary and St. Antony for all the blessings received. Me and my family regularly participating the holy mass in the morning and evening and also the holy rosary through YouTube. My cousin sister and husband were hospitalized for more than 20 days due to covid and their oxygen level was very low. They were really suffering. Last Tuesday on 18th during the novena mass I asked St. Antony to intercede for them and If they go home completely cured I will proclaim this miracle to everyone. By God ‘s grace on 22nd they were ok and discharged. Thank you Mother Mary and St. Antony for this great help.The second miracle happened on my son. He is doing his engineering in Germany and his physics exam was on 18 th Tuesday. We were praying for him during the novena. But his exam was very tough as they need to right the exam in German language. I told my son St. Antony will intercede for you. And of course St. Antony did the miracle. On 25 th again a Tuesday his result came and he got more than 95 % marks. We couldn’t believe this for a while. St . Antony and Mother Mary helped him. Thank you St. Antony and Mother Mary for these blessings. 

All glory to God

Sandra Jose