Thanks Giving



Praise be to God Jesus Christ and the Holy Father.  Thanks to Mother Mary, St. Antony, and St. Joseph. My prayers were answered!!! 

Dear father,

I am writing you a testimonial of gratitude for the blessings that my friends have received from the prayers submitted at your shrine. Lexy was blessed with a job. Despite all the drastic circumstances, Rini's marriage turned out well. Uncle Byju's depression and his desperate situation were taken care of, and he was given a job. Ramesh poduval was diagnosed with Myastenia Gravis and ocular myasthenic myasthenia at the age of 18.  Due to high-dose medications, he was suffering from their side effects as well as general myasthenia. He was blessed to start a medication that showed much improvement.  I pray for him that he can fully recover from this illness. Thank You again, Lord Jesus and the holy father, and all those who pray for us. Amen.