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Veneration Of The Holy Relic


People from all walks of life visit St. Antony Shrine, Koratty for the Veneration of the Holy Relic of the saint. St. Antony left to the heavenly abode from this world on 1 June 1231 at Padua, Italy. Thousands of believers participated in the funeral rites of St. Antony. A few hours after the burial of the saint, a woman named Kunisa came to the tomb of St. Antony. She was a tumour patient and was half paralysed hence she could walk only with the help of a stick. She threw herself at the tomb of St. Antony and prayed, “O Lord in the name of Padre Antony of Padua be kind to heal me”.Suddenly she felt so good that her legs were so strong and her tumour disease had disappeared and she was miraculously healed. She jumped with joy and praised God. Since this news spread in all over Europe believers have begun to seek the intercession of the saint by giving veneration to the Holy Relic to receive blessing from heaven.