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Vesting St. Antony's Habit


Vesting is the offering were the children wears the habit of St. Antony and takes parts in the Novena prayer. This was a traditional offering that has its root in the lifesaving miracle in saint’s life. While St. Antony was in a Monastery in Padua,he had the charge of the dispensary. Once an epileptic boy (child with Epilepsy) came to be treated. Seeing the child St. Antony took his outer garment and prayed and wrapped the child. The child was miraculously cured instantly. It was with this belief that believers began to pray in Saint's intermediary garments to receive the blessings and protection of Saint Anthony. Especially children who are suffering from various kinds of diseases wears the habit of St. Antony and takes part in Novena prayer for the blessing of healing.